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If you are after a blogging and social media manual full of pretty pictures then you may as well click off now because the digital product doesn't contain one pretty picture!
What it does contain is years of my blogging and social media knowledge, including all the tools I use, links to resources and it's exactly what people want to know from me when they "want to pick my brain".
This manual is a very different sort of digital product.  In a nutshell it's a cloud based list - full of every tool, product, thoughts, reference that I have used to successfully create my own blogs, build my digital profile, market my business and those of my clients.
"hmmm...why should I buy this?"
Because it is in real time.  So every new piece of information I add, you get it straight away.
This is a 'live' document.
  • After purchase you will be emailed a link within 12 hours or less
  • You will need to sign up for a free account - believe me you will fall in love with this product
  • I will then send you a link that gives you access to my Blogging and Social Media Manual
  • At first you may think it's a rather odd document but don't worry there are clear instructions on how to use the product
  • You will receive a 'read only' copy so you won't be able to add or change anything
  • Every time I update the manual, you will also be able to see that update - and believe me I'm always updating it
  • You will be able to create your own Lists on Workflowy and share them with others - you can be very creative for example you could make a list of recipes. 
According to KRED I'm  ranked  as a top 5% influencer in the online space. That's pretty cool, mind you I have been marketing online since 2004, so I've learnt a thing or two since then! 
I have a passion for helping others build their digital profiles, and have worked with a diverse group of clients, from small business to entrepreneurs. It makes me happy to develop digital marketing and social media campaigns for other people. My career has been in the professional speaking, training and also recruitment industries, mostly self-employed.  I believe that being authentic is the key, as well as having fun.  

The proof in my ability online is: I'm the  Publisher and Editor of Sydney Chic –  a lifestyle website about living in Sydney and The Jasmine in the Forest a personal blog on inspiration and a Features Writer for Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine.

I have previously taught Social Media Marketing and blogging at Sydney Community College.
Every page and post on Sydney Chic (over 1200 posts) has been built by myself, I do not outsource any of my work. Not to mention my other two websites as well! -
Most online marketers create landing pages like this one and go on and on and on trying to convince you to buy their product. 
Well I'm not doing that. You can order my Blogging and Social Media manual for $29 AUD and if you don't like it just email me direct and ask for a refund within 24 hours of receipt of product. 
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