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G.A. Zink & Sons Tailors and Shirtmakers est 1895

Things to do in Sydney | Get styled up

posted by Deb Carr

G.A. Zink and Sons have been styling Gentlemen since 1895. It's worth a visit to 56 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst just to soak up the ambience.

With its antique chairs and cash register you feel like you have stepped back to the 1920's. The store displays beautifully boxed ties, and gorgeous fabrics. G.A. Zink and Sons are definitely on the A-List of Sydney Chic.

I needed a pair of Zara trousers taken up and was delighted that Daniel Jones (pic taken by me whilst in the store) had it sorted for me in just a few hours. Daniel started at Zink & Sons in early 2004, where his father taught him the art of cutting in the traditional English style. Daniel then moved on to coat-making and has continued to specialise in this field in the Zink & Sons workroom.


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