Creatives Uncovered - Networking Event 27th November

Things to do in Sydney | Get creative


We love this! Great event for anyone who loves fashion and style.

Creatives uncovered is all about collaborations & connecting people so they thought why not hold a networking event where you can

  • Launch

  • Sell/shop

  • Gain exposure

  • Network

  • Inform

  • Connect

  • Collaborate

  • Exhibit

  • Exchange

  • Meet up

  • Swap contacts/ information

  • Introduce yourself to the industry

  • Discover emerging talent

and find out more about the creatives uncovered community.

The event is sponsored by eXpertLocal, taking the love of unique things to do and the enthusiasm people share for new discoveries is eXpertLocal, an experienced based collaborative consumption portal from Sydney, Australia.

eXpertLocal is about taking the time to uncover wonderful new ways to love the city you live in and to see a place through another person's eyes. It is designed so each of us can share the things we love to do with other people who appreciate the insights we've collected over time.

The people you need to meet who will be at this event

Our Collaborators

  • The Loop

  • Young Republic

  • Company B

  • IKON Management

  • Issue

  • Fashionmasters

  • Artist Isle Crew

  • Liv style magazine

  • Little blue shed

  • Star Central magazine

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