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The Kialla Bake-Along

Things to do in Sydney | Bake a Cake!

To celebrate our 25 years in organic grain milling, Kialla Pure Foods has come together with Gillian Bell cake girl, cake baker extraordinaire, and Media Junky, promoting Australia’s ethical businesses, to create the very first LIVE virtual Bake-along.

Come share the experience of being involved in this first-time livestream eBake where we’ll be using social media to come together across Australia, and as far off as New Zealand. In fact, we welcome people from anywhere in the world who want to join in.

Our eBake will happen live on Sunday 8th December. You can join in the fun, in real-time, via Kialla’s Facebook page & Kialla’s farm2plate blog, as well as our Twitter & Pinterest page. You’ll get to bake along with Gillian (we’ll give you plenty of advance notice on what you need to prepare), and you’ll produce a delicious cake in time for Christmas.

The Bake-along is not only about baking a cake and sharing our love of baking, it’s also about sparking a conversation around organics, sustainable farming and good old-fashioned baking skills. It’s about asking questions: where does our food comes from, and how do the choices we make create the “future of food” that we want to see?

For this reason we’ve also invited a collection of guests from a broad range of backgrounds – farmers, home-bakers, gardeners, food bloggers & food enthusiasts, as well as experts in the area of sustainability and the environment. READ MORE

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