Sharina's Love Tips

He’s into you because he:

Mirrors your gestures, body language and makes direct eye contact when he’s with you

He protrudes his thumbs from his pockets or he tucks his thumbs into his belt when he’s with you

He is always preening himself, holding in his stomach and straightening his tie when he’s with you

He is almost leaning into you

He’s not into you because he:

Avoids eye contact or his eyes wander around the room

He leans backwards away from you

He locks his ankles

His arms are always crossed

She’s into you because she:

Tosses her hair back and sticks her chest out

Caresses her wine glass and/or salt shakers,

Exposes her inside of arm

Locks eyes, smiles and is always touching you

Tucks one leg up and the other is pointing at you

She’s not into you because she:

Crosses her arms and legs

Only gives a half smile

Always looking away

Leans away

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