Wanted! Young blogger who loves Sydney and all things Chic

I am looking for a young blogger to join Sydney Chic. Specifically someone who may be at Uni and studying marketing/journalism and has an absolute passion for great restaurants, venues, fashion and things to do in Sydney that would fit with this blog and suited to the younger age-group.

In return you will get exposure, mentoring, meet cool people, get invited to events, get opportunities to come on radio, trial products and who knows where it could lead. You will also be featured on the ABOUT US page once you prove you have what it takes.

To apply: You must be able to write great copy, be in the know of what's trending for the age group of 18 - 25 and love taking photos.

Contact: Deb Carr sydney@sydneychic.com.au

Must be based in Sydney: This is not employed it's freelancing and non-paid.