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Celebrity Interview| Sarah Atereth

With Deb Carr

Sarah Atereth

How did an unknowing kid make her way from her first dance class in a strip mall in Colorado to becoming a #1 hit recording artist with 5 consecutive hits worldwide?

I will never forget the first time...I marched up a rickety, paint chipped staircase on the outside of an old brick building in a strip mall in Denver to my first dance class. I didn’t know anyone at the studio, or what I was actually getting myself into. I just knew I had a calling to be a dancer. Music and movement light me on fire and I was following my life’s passion. After performing in local and professional theatres, I high tailed it to New York City where I trained with teachers from Juilliard and Alvin Ailey.

The school of hard knocks knocked hard as I discovered that my desire to share my music with the world meant figuring out the music business by myself. Slammed with challenges and obstacles, I was able to persevere by continuing to envision my goals, daring to win and getting back in the game after set-backs. This lead me on amazing adventures including 2 #1 UK hits, 4 U.S. Billboard hits, performing in front of 1 million screaming people, screaming for a good reason (that’s not something you see every day in NYC) at the Pride Event, and even being hit and bruised by crazy fans from Providence to Alphabet City. I am also honored to be the face of (HIV/AIDS Awareness) along with Kevin Bacon and Jessica Alba.

You say you were armed with only the joy and life's purpose you found in dance and music, you set out to New York City to live your passion. Was that scary?

I wasn’t scared because I love what I do so much. Living in joy erases the fear. Follow your bliss and the worry is dismissed.

What were the struggles along the way and how did you get through those?

I faced great rejection as people had ideas of who they thought I should be, how I should act, what I should look like, how I should live my life. Haven’t we all faced these hardships of society trying to fit us into a mold that we don’t or even shouldn’t try to fit into? Be yourself. Every day, remind yourself that you unique and valuable as you. Celebrate your individuality. Go wear your crazy, funky red boots, even when everyone else is telling you to wear brown loafers.

What inspires you to write your songs?

I find inspiration all around me. My songs are very personal. I draw from my life experiences. I enjoy telling stories. Art is seeing the every day through a magical, creative lens and distilling it into a new way of looking at the world. It’s an honor to give back to others in that way.

Tell us about some of the big names in music you have worked with?

I have been blessed to work with the best musicians in the world. People who have played with Paul McCartney, The Eagles, Aerosmith, Sting, Bruce Springsteen and Cyndi Lauper. I learn so much from them. The top players are the most humble because they don’t have anything to prove. Talent speaks for itself.

As if singing isn’t enough you are also an inspirational speaker?

I enjoy being a transformational speaker giving back to others with the message that yes, you too can live the life you desire and realize your dreams. Through my music, dance and speaking, I am honored to reach people and give them easy, actionable tools to supercharge their lives to success.

Who is your favourite designer for clothes?

I love fashion because it is another way to express oneself creatively. I been so fortunate to wear the incredible haute couture gowns of Bill Bolland for some of my top events in NYC. I also love my crazy studded jacket and funky sneakers to race around in the city or when traveling.

What is your favourite food?

Red velvet cupcakes at midnight!

What do you love about Sydney?

The friendly and welcoming people. free download of #1 UK hit free coaching tips, speaking engagements

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