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Deb Carr interviewed Marty Brown one half of the Sydney Duo "Mind Over Matter"

When did Mind Over Matter form and why did you choose that name?

"Mind Over Matter formed when Willow and I were in high school in 2005. We chose the name because we believe that one can achieve anything they put their mind to. No matter what might be in their way....Unless of course you’re trying to avoid cliché’s when describing your band name, that’s just impossible!"

What inspires your music?

"This is easy. The world around us! Weather it be day to day things like eating an apple, day dreaming, or having a night out to issues on a global scale such as nuclear warfare. We’re a diverse bunch of dudes!"

What are the backgrounds of the band members?

"Willow and I are both born and raised in Australia. We’ve grown up around Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore and loved every second of it. We feel blessed to live in such a beautiful neck of the woods. We had to travel to Melbourne to meet our girlfriends though. Sydney gals can be a bit too high maintenance. (Just kidding.. all girls can be!)"

Where has the band toured?

"We’ve toured just about everywhere in the country multiple times. From major cities in all states to hippy communes an hour off road in the middle of nowhere. Overseas, we’ve played shows in Japan as well as Thailand and have plans to play more shows internationally as well."

We have fearured the video clip here to “Somebody’s Love” what inspired the song and the film clip?

"We wrote the chorus while away on a writing trip at Salamander Bay on the Central Coast of NSW. There was a lot of good vibes in the air and it just felt right on the mo-town-esk styled beat. We do believe that somebody’s love is all anyone needs though..When I was 7, mum and dad bought my brother and I a couple of guinea pigs. We loved those little bastards and as a result of having more love in our lives our lives became brighter and more fulfilling. I think this rule applies exponentially when you start going up the scale of things eg bird, cat, dog, HUMAN!"

What’s planned for next year?

"We have a lot of plans for this year actually. We just released the 3rd single from our new album This Way to Elsewhere last week. It’s titled 'What They Say' and it features Bliss n Eso.

Starting April 6th this year we release the first episode of a 5 episode podcast series titled ‘Fly in a Van’. Fly in a Van is a podcast like nothing the country has heard where myself and 2 friends sit around a pool table with a microphone and drinking Captain Morgan and we interview our favourite celebrities. Episodes are scheduled for release fortnightly from April 6th for free download through iTunes.

Our album ‘This Way to Elsewhere’ is scheduled for release through Shock Records on May 30th this year which we’re very excited about!

We’re also already half way through the record after This Way to Elsewhere so that will be ready for next year!"



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