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Having Skin Cancer is not CHIC!

by Deb Carr

I have just left my doctor's surgery and he suggested I write a blog post on the prevention of Skin Cancer and having regular checks. There is no doubt about it, living in Sydney it is easy to find ourselves out in the sun without sunscreen. I have had a few warnings in my time with Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC). In fact I've had three of them cut out and one on my back with 7 stitches!

I was terrified to see Dr Santos today because I've had a mark on the tip of my nose, which has become very scaly and red. I put it off but finally went to see him. The good news it is not BCC ...yet! Yes, there are changes in the lesion, which could develop into BCC, and the thought of having surgery terrifies me. We opted to use liquid nitrogen today (ouch) and Dr Santos has carefully zapped the lesion, hopefully that will do it but if it comes back we might have to have laser, or worse.

Being someone who is a Style Blogger and about to start filming some segments for "The Media Madams" next week (That's us pictured here - me with the orange boots) the last thing I need is to be worried about Skin Cancer on my face.

I have had a big shake up today. So.....

  1. Are you protecting your skin when you are exposed to sunlight?

  2. Do you have regular skin checks?

If not you might want to think about that, I certainly had a wake up call today. From now on SPF15 on my face everyday - Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Dr Santos is at Hyde Park Medical Centre - they also have a Skin Clinic and close to Sydney CBD

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