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Sharina's "Candle Colours"

Celebrity Psychic "Sharina Star" shares her tips on candles for attracting what you want in life. You can hear Sharina on Radio 2UE Sunday nights from 8.00 p.m. to midnight, watch her on Mornings with Sonia and David 10.00 a.m. each Friday and read her weekly column in Take 5 Magazine and of course Sharina is a regular writer for Sydney Chic. a


Use to attract a soulmate or to get back with an ex-lover. Also to keep harmony in the home. Light before going to bed 6 pink candles and meditate on your desires then blow them out. Wear pink during the week even if it's just an accessory.

GOLD CANDLES ​Gold is for career and attracting wealth as well as success, promotion, employment, abundance. Light the candles at 8.00 a.m. or 8.00 pm for a few minutes. Scratch your desire on the candle prior to lighting and feel as if you already have that which you desire. Keep this as a daily ritual and only focus on what you want not what you don't want.


To improve your communication and attract new people into your life. Light 5 small yellow candles at dinner time and make a wish, concentrating on the candles. Also place yellow flowers in the home to help attract that which you desire. GREEN CANDLES

Green candles are for health, grief, weight loss. Write what you want on a green balloon i.e. "I desire to loose 5kg", light your candles at night and release the balloon to a full moon.


Use purple for wisdom, spirituality and to help study. Light 4 purple candles and scratch your name on each one, then scratch your desire on 3 white candles. Light at 9.00 pm for 7 nights and meditate on what you want to achieve. Also place an owl statue or ornament near the place of your study.


Releases damaged relationships and helps you to move on. Light a black candle on a full moon and meditate on the relationship you wish to release so that the break up is peaceful and harmonious.

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