Tom Ballard turns family holiday into comedy gold.

By Allisaa Thibault

I’ve never found a family holiday in a campervan more entertaining. Last week I went along to check out Tom Ballard’s show at the Sydney Comedy Festival at the Factory Theatre in Marickville and it was one of the funniest slide show presentations I’ve seen.

Tom’s show ‘UnAustralian(ish)’ goes through his family holiday in the 90s through the red heart of Australia. He uses real diary entries he and his brother wrote and pictures they drew as young kids – all what he calls ‘comedy gold’. It’s also a general piss-take on what it means to be Australian, laced with political jabs.

It’s not so much a series of jokes, more a personal recount of Tom’s childhood and his take on current events and it’s hilarious. He has two shows left in Sydney before heading to Perth so check him while there’s still time. Details here:


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