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Restaurant Review | Minsky's

By Alissa Thibault

One of things I love hearing from a staff member when sitting down for a meal is, "shall I recommend a wine for you to start on?" it's just perfect. Last night we went along to check out Minsky's Hotel in Cremorne expecting a good ol' pub schnitzel and a house red, what we got was far and above that.

The hotel is set right on Military Road so you can't miss it, and what we found was a pub atmosphere with restaurant quality food and wines. Between the two of us we had the Caramelised Pork Belly with an Asian herb salad, Pear and Meredith Goats Curd Salad with Prawns and chunky fries with jalapeno and paprika. As you can tell it's no ordinary pub menu.

Without over selling it, everything was phenomenal. The pork belly melted in my mouth, the prawns had that 'pop' they talk about on Masterchef and the fries, well, as my friend said, "I would come back JUST for these". To finish it off we had the Vanilla Panna Cotta with basil cream and mixed berries. Yes, basil cream, it's a thing and it's amazing.

The wine list is long enough to give you choice, but not so much that it's overwhelming. If you do want a recommendation however, go the Wimbaliri Cabernet Merlot, it goes down a treat. Just when we were finishing up, the staff brought out warm, fresh hand towels. Hand towels?! Such a nice touch, you don't get that at your usual corner pub.

It's all well-priced too, a main will set you back between $15 and $28 with sides from $4.50, so you won't need to save for weeks for a nice meal out.

Unfortunately Tranny Bingo wasn't on while we were there, but I hear it's a Tuesday night hit. Maybe next week!

They have weekly events and specials, so check them out here :

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