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Personal Brand Creation Day

Ever wanted to have your own website, video and style and make-up but thought it was way out of your budget? Well we have good news for you.

The Personal Brand Creation Day is brought to you by Sydney Chic Founder, Deb Carr and Creative Director and Sydney Chic Blogger, Scarlett Vespa, otherwise known as "The Media Madams".

This day is all about creating your own DIGITAL PROFILE. We will be covering everything you need to market yourself, as an Entrepreneur or an Employee. The day will be busy focusing on and creating your brand, styling and makeup for video, shooting video, building your website, setting up your social media and much more. By the end of the day you will have created your own website like this, have your own video of you introducing yourself, a professional photo and social media set up.

This will give you the edge on your competitors and as an employee, a valuable resume that will show potential employers you are the real deal!

PLUS at the end of the event we will all be celebrating your new online presence with French Champagne and Supper.

This is a world-first!

And the good news is.....we have made it affordable!


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