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The Ultimate Heated Rollers

With almost forty (40) years' experience in the hair dressing industry, Janis Eagles's passion and dedication for creating beautiful hair led her on a fourteen (14) year journey to invent, manufacture and market the ultimate heated roller.

In an industry that is constantly evolving through the development of improved products, innovative techniques, and new technologies, Janis is aspiring to have her hot cones in every TAFE in Australia, so young hairdressers have the opportunity to grow and develop their curling skills. For this reason, Janis is makeing the exclusive offer of supplying thirty (30) complimentry sets of rollers to the first TAFE Colleges that contact her.

Never losing faith, Janis triumphed to create an exceptional affordable easy to use product which belongs in every hair salon and home.

Janis feels very strongly about supporting the Royal Flying Doctors and Seeing Eye Dogs. For every sale she will dontate 10% to her two (2) favourite charities


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