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Restaurant Review | Simmone Logue Double Bay

Simmone Logue 2 Cross Street Double Bay 2028 (02) 9327 5700

Have you ever felt like a home-cooked Sunday roast, but were short on time?

Perhaps you didn’t know where to go because no-one cooks a roast like your mother did?

Well, I have found the perfect place.

Simmone Logue has already established a fine reputation in Sydney, and with venues on both sides of the harbour, Double Bay and Cammeray, she can cater to everyone.

Last Sunday, I went to my local at Double Bay and had the Sunday Roast.

Now, having been to many, many, many conferences and conventions, I, and other professional speakers can tell you about the mandatory “rubber chicken”, brown gravy and vegetables that have been boiled to within an inch of their lives.

I’m pleased to announce that Simmone Logue’s offering expectedly doesn’t fall into that category.

The free-range quarter-chicken was perfectly roasted and was wonderfully enhanced by the sage stuffing. There was certainly enough stuffing, but I wouldn’t have said no to more of it. It’s hard to make a stuffing that isn’t too doughy, but Logue’s is well-balanced.

The potatoes and sweet potato were nicely roasted and the pumpkin had that slightly burnt edge that added to its appeal. The sautéd green beans, which maintained their crunch and flavour, capped the ideal Sunday roast.

But wait, there was more. Logue’s Apple Crumble is special. Two of my aunts won industry awards for their desserts, so I’m familiar with the essentials of a great dessert. The juxtaposition of the just-right crunchiness of the crumble with the textures of the sweet apples and sultanas, and topped with vanilla bean ice-cream was compelling.

Reece, the Double Bay manager, is obviously very experienced in hospitality because he was attentive without being intrusive, a fine balance that is achieved by few, even in more expensive eateries. Even the French chef made a brief appearance to ensure that we were happy with everything. We were.

Simmone Logue has deservedly maintained her strong reputation in the Sydney food industry, and whether you want a quick lunch before taking on the rest of the shopping, or if you prefer a long, lingering lunch and chat over some coffees, I highly recommend the Sunday Roast.

Just like mother used to make, that is, if your mother was a good cook.

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