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Beauty Review | de Lorenzo Hair Care

Photo and Review | Deb Carr

For someone whose hair is often mistaken by birds as good place to land (I am serious it happens to me), I can only imagine it's because my hair is a little wild! Well it is wild and that's my style, but it can also get very dry and look like a bird's nest so I was very pleased to find a product that can keep the birds away!

I have been using de Lorenzo's Prescriptive Solutions Shampoo, Conditioner and hair moisturizer and seen a nice change. My hair feels much softer and is easier to manage. What I like most is the products are 100% free of Parabens and Petrochemical.

I'm also using Elements Sea Swell - A medium hold volumising lotion that provides natural style, control and anti-humidity action. Perfect for Sydney! Plus Granite Strong Hold Finishing Spray...which gives me my texture without making my hair feel sticky.

More Notes: The range contains ‘fair trade’ native Wattle Seed and Lemon Apsen that are sustainably grown and wild-harvested by outback indigenous farming communities. Packed with New Innovations including Liquid Crystal Technology, Ceramide Defense Complex and Phyto-Strengthening Complex, there is a prescription for any hair concern. The only side effect? Great looking hair.

Great Products and highly recommended!

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