No more age spots thanks to Spotner's magic!

by Deb Carr

Living in the Australian climate can mean disaster for skin. For those of us who spent our childhood without much skin protection because skin cancer awareness wasn't promoted back then, we are paying a price for it now.

I recently trialled Spotner Face & Decollete and Hand & Body corrector pens. I was a little bit on the sceptical side to be honest, that they would help fade some of my ...ahem...age spots, however I am thrilled to say they have certainly lightened up!

The term 'age spots', also known as 'sun spots' or 'solar lentigo', refers to blemishes on the skin that, over time, appear on your face, hands and body. This so-called hyperpigmentation is the result of overexposure to the sun. I've certainly had my fair share due to my sun loving days.

Easy to use, the Spotner pens deliver a precise application.

Try for yourself.



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