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Beauty Review | Lonvitalite Face Masks


Lonvitalite have a range of facemasks that are luxurious and make an instant improvement to skin. Recently I have tried both the whitening, pigment toning + moisturising mask and the collagen crystal eye mask and enjoyed every minute of it.

It's a great opportunity to grab 20 minutes for yourself and just relax and let these masks weave their magic. As soon as they are put on the face, you can feel your skin being nourished.

Not just for the ladies, Lonvitalite are just as beneficial to men.

One of the greatest things about Lonviatlite and FCM (Facial Coth Masks) is the versatility of how and where you can use them. They are a professional grade product used in many salons across the country. Lonvitalite has 5 Face, 2 eye, 2 hand masks you will never get bored with the variety. All our products are cruelty free, no parabans and no nasties. Yay!

Formulated in Germany with 100% plant based Collagen only the best ingredients are in our Lonvitalite range.

Retails from $9.95 to $36.00

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