Co-working in Sydney

by Deb Carr

There are many benefits from working from home yet it also comes with lots of drawbacks. Isolation is the main culprit equalled by not being able to separate work from home. An affordable solution to this is co-working spaces. Sydney has plenty of great co-working spaces especially around the inner city suburbs and the CBD. Our own office is in such a place, we work out of OHIO Surry Hills.

Co-working offers many other benefits too, like meeting other small businesses who can give you referrals or even do business with you.

Personally, I have worked from home for nearly 5 years and I must say making the change was something I thought of for a while. It was the right choice and it's still convenient being only two blocks down the road where I live. Well let's face it, working from home has that advantage of no travel so I didn't want to shock the system too much!

Now I have great company to work with. Other benefits are the training room to run ‘Blog School’ and other events and of course with the number of deliveries that arrive for reviews, I no longer have to worry about me not being around to collect them as our fabulous Office Manager, Jamie-Lee is always around to give a hand.

There is also a place for the other Sydney Chic bloggers to come in and do reviews if needed and we can even hire a desk casually for those who don't want to be permanent here.

Co-working on the city fringe is great because it is just a walk to the city for meetings and events that I attend.

So that's a little about where Sydney Chic is run from.


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