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We spoke to Sydney Photographer, Glen Edwards, who prefers film over digital

Mr Edwards Photography Wedding

Mr Edwards Photography

Mr Edwards Photography Glen Edwards.jpg

When did you take an interest in photography?

Remember those kids who were just good at everything? Whatever they tried they seemed to pick up in an instant and be really good at it? Those kids seemed to be all of my friends. It didn't matter what it was, a Surfboard, a Skateboard, a BMX, the football field...The kids I grew up with all seemed to be right at home when on them. Then there was I, desperately trying to keep up. Just to be part of the group, to fit in.

Then one day, I think I was 13 or 14. I was given a small shitty waterproof disposable camera and I followed those friends out into the surf to record them. When the photos came back they were all so impressed with them, somedays I wonder if those initial pieces of gratification were little more than their own young egos being massaged for the very first time. None the less one of my friends quickly piped up and said "from now on Glen is the photographer"

That was it. What started as a bit of an excuse to be apart of the group without having to do all the things they were doing because of a silly fear of failure, or the very real fear of injury, a way to fit in was now giving me my own thing, something that would actually make me stand out.

Photography gave me an identity. For the first time in my early adolescent years I had some idea of where I fit into the world.

You say you love weddings - why?

There is no day where a group of people are ever happier than on a wedding day.

I don't understand people who say they don't like weddings. Sure the idea of a wedding is not for everyone, there are some people weddings just don't agree with (Charlie Sheen anyone?) but it's impossible not to have fun at a wedding.

Ever had a stranger smile at you randomly on your way to work and it just kind of makes your day go that little bit better? Well when I go to work, I am surrounded by 100+ random smiling strangers....O.K. so maybe that sounds a little like a bad horror film but It's actually amazing. This energy that every wedding day brings is always different but I always find it so uplifting.

I love weddings.

Why do you prefer to take photos with film rather than digital?

The easy answer here is that It allows me to create the images I see in my head. I have attempted to do so with a computer and after many hours I might have something that resembles what I want but when I get back my film scans they are always exactly what I want them to look like.

There is more to it than that however. Shooting film slows everything down. You don't have as many shots at your disposal and each photograph you take actually does have a dollar worth. You really have to think about each of your shots. Really make sure you know you want it.

The whole process of shooting film means I am able to interact more with my clients as a person rather than just their photographer.

Shooting Film, frees me up, gives me time and makes me think.

What advice do you give couples when choosing a wedding photographer?

Go with your heart.

Really take the time to find who touches you the most, both with their work and their demeanor. You will spend more time with this person on your wedding day than anyone else you hire for it. You have to be sure you're going to be able to work with them. Look for someone you click with.

If you find yourself on some photographers website swooning over the images but at the same time wondering about who they are as a person and wanting to know more about them. You're on the right track!

Why did you make a documentary?

This documentary was actually not at all my idea. A film maker from Fairytales Films approached me with an idea he had for a personal project of his.

In his words "this project is dedicated to all passionate photographers who capture our life when we need it the most"

It is a series and I was extremely humbled when he asked me to be the focus of episode two. He followed me around all day and just let me talk really. When I saw the results I was blown away and knew it had to go on my website somewhere!

You can find out more about Max, the "Big day of" series and Fairytales Films here:

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