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Big is Sexy! "Super Normal" collection

17 Sundays

17 Sundays ‘SUPER NORMAL’ collection focuses on the most important aspect of the garments, which is the girls that live in them.

‘SUPER NORMAL’ is about celebrating the lifestyle and models in the plus category, and going by these photos we can see why Designer Claire Primrose said “Our ranges would be threads and buttons on a rack if it weren’t for the girls we shoot with. They absolutely bring the heat to our collection, they add context to the story, add depth and charisma to our brand and realize our vision on film and paper.”


Collaborating with with one of Australia’s best fashion photographers, 17 Sundays and three amazing models, Sophie Sheppard, Margaret McPherson and Ellen Kinsella, these amazing photos show how women can look stunning at any size.

The girls represent the lifestyle of 17 Sundays and breathe life into the garments. The campaign is firmly about how they would present themselves ‘off duty’ via their Instagram accounts and within their social media and of course how they live in 17. The brand is lucky to have access to some of the world’s best plus models in Australia and we want to celebrate with them and 17 in a fashion context by showcasing some of the fabululos photos here.

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