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Things to do in Sydney: Eat at GoodTime Diner in Bondi Junction

Best Restaurants in Sydney

by Deb Carr

I was invited to the VIP Dinner Club last Wednesday at Good TimeDiner in Bondi Junction. As I attended on my own, I soon made friends with the people at my table and the night was full of great conversation, fab food and of course plenty to drink. As you will see from the notes below, GoodTime Diner is inspired by the bar scene of Old New Orleans.

Every Friday & Saturday night, The GoodTime Diners "Weekly Dinner Club" is on where customers can attend a 2 hour feast with wine & beer for a unbelievable cost of only $39 per person!

GoodTime Diner will take you back to a time when the cocktail was born, jazz music was king and black magic peppered the streets until the early hours.

GoodTime Diner

The restaurant serves prime quality cuts of meat are cooked ‘low and slow’ on an imported American Yoder smoker for up to 18 hours by head chef Matt Fitzgerald. Yoder smokers are famous for the flowing smoke and even temperature throughout the pit. The result is delicious 12 hour beef short ribs, 18 hour pulled pork, whole sides of salmon and pink Southern spiced free range chicken. Gourmet salads and sides accompany the meats and to top it off the full GoodTime Burgers Menu is also available. The experience is complete with a full range of cocktails available.

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