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Whiten your teeth in just one hour: Pure Smile teeth-whitening specialists with a difference

Photo: Deb Carr

I was invited to have a platinum whitening treatment at recently so off I trotted to Darling Harbour to experience this procedure. Years ago I had a whitening treatment by my dentist which was costly and involved having a special mould made of my teeth then going to bed at night with the whitening treatment as I slept. It took about a week if I recall and I had to be very careful what I drank or ate during the treatment.

Once I arrived for my treatment , the first thing that grabbed my attention was it was a kiosk in the middle of the shopping centre and for some reason I had expected I was going into a shop with a lot of privacy. Lena, who was looking after me assured me not to worry that I would indeed by very private because of the design of the ‘pods’ where you sit to have the treatment.

OK it was time to start so I got cozy in my pod, which was very comfortable. We started off with applying a solution that activates the whitening process that I scrubbed on my teeth, then Lena gave me a mould with the solution in it. Next it is a matter of putting on protective eye wear, sitting back in the pod, and having an LED light shine on the solution for 15 minutes. Depending on which treatment you choose will dictate how long you will be in the chair for. In my case it was 4 x 15. After 15 minutes another solution is applied and reactivated. That’s the longest treatment.

There are magazines to read but since I can’t read without my glasses I didn’t worry and next week iPads with headsets will be available for people to relax to some music with various playlists available plus wifi.

When the treatment was finished it was time to see the difference and what a difference it made. I was really shocked how different my teeth looked. Especially the lower teeth particularly well and looked much improved. It did not hurt, though my teeth felt slightly sensitive in the afternoon and by the next day they just felt sparkling.

My verdict is this is a cost effective way to lighten teeth.

Pure Smile also have a range of after care products that will prolong the treatment so I opted for the Daily White Infusion dental foam and a protective gel.

For bookings visit and save 20% by booking online.

Pure Smile’s all-natural teeth-whitening gel is peroxide-free and contains sodium perborate with dental grade equipment sourced from American LED-lamp manufacturers, the trusted suppliers of dentists worldwide. With state-of-the-art technology, Pure Smile can whiten your teeth by up to eleven shades. Pure Smile’s equipment has the strongest LED light output for producing top results, while the process is gentle on teeth and gums.

Photo source above Pure Smiles Website

Top before /bottom after

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this treatment and my opinions are genuine of my experience.

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