Bollywood Comes to Chatswood

Monsuun Dance Company

I was invited along to try a Bollywood dance class at Monsuun Dance recently and jumped at the opportunity to try something new. On arrival to class we were all given a Belly Dance Hip Scarf and lined up to start our lesson.

Our instructors, Dharsha and Pradnya, are both beautiful girls with big smiles and big personalities. They demonstrated that there was no need to be self-conscious about learning the moves, and it really was all about fun. I have to admit I was rather uncoordinated but since it was my first time I decided not to be too hard on myself.

The class starts off with a warm up and then we moved into learning a dance. I found some of the moves easy and some of them I struggled with coordination, but one thing it was fun! I can see how Bollywood dancing is a great way to keep fit. What I loved about the class was we actually all performed a dance after just one lesson as a group. I could see this being a great team building exercise for the corporate world, as each of us had a part to play and we all needed to work together.

There were times I looked in the mirror and thought to myself I looked ridiculous but that was the fun part of it, I know with a few lessons this would become easier and more flowing.

Monsuun Dance is a Sydney based dance company offering Professional Bollywood dance performances and entertainment. They specialize in Bollywood, Funk, Bhangra, Classical and Garba styles of dance and are available for weddings, events, corporate and cultural functions and events.





Phone: 0431 512 143

Tickets $20

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