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Do you wish you had a cleaner? Read on Sydney Chic can help you get one.

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We asked the team at Home Hello how they started this business.

Where did the Home Hello concept come from and is involved? What makes Home Hello different from other cleaning companies?

Homehello seeks to make it simple and affordable to book a home cleaning, with an overall mission to become the 'Uber' off all home services! The original concept of HomeHello comes from the inefficiencies we saw in the home services industry, and more particularly, the domestic cleaning industry. Overall, we seek to reduce the time Australians spend doing household chores, so they can spend more time doing the things they love with those that matter.

Currently, in the traditional cleaning space, there are two ways to get a cleaner to your home:

1. Post and request a cleaner on ad services sites such as Gumtree. This involves significant time on the customer side, as he or she has to screen to find an ideal candidate in terms of skill and availabilities. Even then, there may be a lot of calling and arranging possible times for the clean to happen.

2. Book a cleaning with a traditional cleaning company. Even though this process is slightly quicker than the above, it still requires customer to call up multiple cleaning companies to receive quotes. And thats only after they send a person to inspect the home. Even then, these companies are generally more expensive, usually starting at $35/hr to cover the overhead costs on the manual assignment of cleaner availabilities to customer demands.

With our on demand market place model, we seek to eliminate all the problems posed in the two processes above. Our platform connects individual cleaning contractors with customers based on their availabilities in terms of where and when they can clean. We eliminate the heavy lifting, and as a result, make professional domestic cleaning a lot more accessible and affordable to all Australian households.Not only that, we seek to empower and create thousands of jobs for individual Australian contractors by allowing them to essentially be their own boss.

On top of that, we also have another feature that differentiates us from traditional cleaning companies and adds value to both the customer and cleaner. We have a review system in place, which ensures our local cleaners are of quality and look to continuously improve their services for their customers.

What was the biggest challenge starting the business?

As we are a relatively young team, the biggest challenge would be learning to manage all the responsibilities involved in running the business. From developing a stringent recruitment process to providing the very best customer service possible, we have learned that the ability to prioritise is very difficult to do (especially in an entrepreneurial environment, where we really try to go out of our way to do everything with 150%!)

How does our booking process work?

Our booking process is very simple and intuitive! We calculate how long your home will take to clean based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and charge a flat rate of $25/hr from there. You can choose to book one off, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We also have an additional notes section at the end of our booking process, where you can enter specific instructions for your cleaner to follow.

What is the recruiting process for cleaners?

All our cleaners are required to have public liability insurance, police checks and at least 1 year of cleaning experience. Our rigorous recruitment process involves a face-to-face interview where we screen them through a series of behavioral and technical questions. If applicants are successful in the face-to-face interview, they are then sent on a cleaning trial with one of our Master Cleaners where they will be further assessed on the quality of their clean. Once accepted, the Master Cleaner will then give guidance to the cleaner and polish up their technique and ability before they are finally on boarded as a HomeHello Cleaner and are ready to deliver an immaculate cleaning service to your doorstep.

What can customers expect from your service?

We currently specialise in house and apartment cleans. Customers can expect a very thorough clean throughout the home, which includes dusting and wiping every surface as well as vacuuming and mopping the floors in each room. You also have the option to choose additional extra services, which include fridge cleaning, interior cabinet cleaning, interior window cleaning and laundry. Our cleaning checklist can be viewd here.

What are the plans for the future?

We aim to bring smiles and continue to deliver and improve our great experience to all homes across Australia. For the long term, we plan to become Australia's #1 hub to book all household services online - ranging from plumbing to handy man services.

Photo: Colin (VP of Customer Experience) and Kale (VP of Operations)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post however we have accepted a special discount for Sydney Chic Readers

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