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Sydney Lifestyle Fashion: East Meets West

All photos supplied

I met Emma and Samar at a recent Creatives Uncovered fashion event and we got chatting about Hijab fashion so I asked the girls if they would like to write an article for Sydney Chic. Here it is.......

Hijab fashion is a collaboration of Western trends with Eastern influence. Hijab fashion explores the wonders of modern trends and alters it to fit spiritual commitments. It is our take on creating modest styles. Swapping short skirts for maxi dresses and short sleeve shirts with long sleeve, silky blouses and still incorporating western patterns, colours and styles.

A fashionable hijabi’s wardrobe usually consists of many trousers, a ton of blouses in every possible colour and of course, countless headscarves in every colour, size and pattern, and I mean every single colour you could imagine. Hijab fashion is usually portrayed through Muslim teenagers and young adult women, as hijab fashion usually attracts the younger crowd. It is a way of life as it allows us to express our individuality.

Australia, as a multicultural nation, has aided us by accepting and supporting hijab fashion, whether that be by creating hijab fashion shows or including hijab fashion articles in magazines.

Hijab fashion incorporating western styles is relatively new but we have always had amazing cultural outfits that include beautiful silk and astonishing embroidery. Why do we love hijab fashion so much? What girl doesn’t love investing in a large wardrobe? The colours, the styles, the materials, the much used social media hashtag of #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) etc. We love exploring new trends and we love classics such as espadrilles, monochrome outfits and our take on the LBD.

Instagram: @emmadawidar

Facebook: SamarDee

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