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Online shopping with Charli Bird

I like to keep to basic styles whenever I attend events preferring to dress up a black outfit with a great jacket, shoes and accessories. So for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia I kept to that style. I find it a lot easier knowing I have a certain signature style and because I am hopeless at making decisions (a Libran thing) it makes it a lot easier if I dress up a black outfit.

I love scarfs, and in winter it’s rare to see me without one because it’s so easy to make a dull outfit come alive with a beautiful scarf.

Charli Bird have a great range of accessories and sent me a couple of items to wear on one of the days. I chose the Safari Scarf in blue. This is a beautiful scarf with both zebra and leopard print and has a lot of material with it. I wore this scarf with the majority of the length flowing down my back.

These items are reasonably priced and if it had been cooler weather I would have gone for a Cashmere Poncho

If you feel like a little online shopping go check out Charli Bird and I’d love to hear your ideas on how to wear a scarf.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted these items (Not the poncho) Read more about my disclaimer

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