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Australia for UNHCR Mother’s Day Lunch, Friday 8 May 2015

Australia for UNHCR is holding its annual Mother’s Day Lunch on Friday 8 May, celebrating mothers in Australia and abroad, and raising funds to support much-needed programs supporting women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This year, the Mother’s Day Lunch will be hosted by Wendy Harmer and feature Jane Turner and Jane Caro as guest speakers.

Australia for UNHCR is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to raise funds and awareness for UNHCR’s work around the globe with displaced people, including women and children in the DRC, Nigeria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Syria and Iraq. Australia for UNHCR provides a voice for 3.1 million forcibly displaced people in the DRC, including women and children extremely vulnerable to sexual and gender-based violence.

The Australia for UNHCR Mother’s Day Lunch will take place in The Ivy Ballroom at The Ivy from 12.00pm – 2.30pm on Friday 8 May.

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