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Easy online booking system for restaurant owners: Ezibookings

When I'm booking a restaurant I prefer to book online. It’s best for restaurants too, yet it’s not always fair on the restaurant owner if they are using a booking system that doesn’t allow them to have access their customer information. In other words, they have no direct connection with their customers and on top of that, they pay a commission for every person on the booking. That could easily equate to up to $12 per table if there were four people dining. That adds up fast!

Then along came a fairer system thanks to the founders of EziBookings after observing the problem with online bookings systems. EziBookings launched their Australian made system that gives restaurants a much better deal. It’s a commission-free booking system that has a flat, monthly fee for the service with no hidden costs. Plus a range of other tools too.

Benjamin Nash, restaurant co-owner of Infuzions Cammeray and Infuzions Hornsby, uses EziBookings in both of his restaurants. “With our old booking system we were getting charged close to $1,000 per month,” Nash says, “we did not exclusively own our customer database and our regulars were being marketed to by the booking system company. Since moving to EziBookings our online bookings have increased, staff have become more efficient and we have built our own customer database. The money saved on bookings is now spent on marketing to our customer base.”

Henry Rahi Founder of EziBookings says, “What sets us apart from the competition is our fair business model. We’re commission free, we don’t own your customer database and we have no locked-in contracts. Our booking system is advanced and easy to use, and has been selected by one of Australia’s top hospitality schools William Blue Dining.”

Another bonus with EziBookings is that the software can be set up so that online bookings are automatically allocated a table, therefore eliminating paper journals.

And it seems the new system is catching on as it has already booked over 190,000 covers.

I know if I were a restaurant owner I’d be looking closely at this easy online booking system for restaurant owners.

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