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10 Steps to Achieving the Perfect MR.BROWNE Sunless Tan

There are two things I love about Mr Browne Sunless tan products; one is that it doesn’t have that awful chemical smell and the second there is the Naked Palm Soap, especially formulated by Mr Browne, that will clean your hands perfectly once you have finished applying the tan and not leave your hands looking like you have nicotine stains.

Mr Browne is marketed to gentlemen and here is my secret...I don't care about that because I use Mr Browne too; I find it easy to apply and it does not leave that awful odour of many tanning products.

Thanks to Mr Browne here are some great tips on obtaining the perfect sunless tan

  • Be certain to exfoliate regularly to avoid excess build up resulting from layers of old tan.

  • Shave any areas where you don't want hair at least one hour before you begin application, or if waxing prior to tanning, ensure you do so more than 24 hours before you tan.

  • Exfoliate your skin with our Body Mitt prior to application. This can be done 1-2 hours before or on a continual basis throughout the week.

  • Make sure your skin is dry after shaving and exfoliating. You also want the air free of moisture and steam.

  • Moisturise dry skin prior to application. The most common cause of a patchy tan is dry skin, it is crucial to moisturise problem areas (wrists and hands, elbows, knees, ankles and feet) immediately prior to self-tan application.

  • Apply the Daily Bronzing Tint or Weekly Tanning Mousse to your legs and feet. Working your way up your body, moving in circular motions. Start at your legs and move upwards from there.

  • Sweep the backs of the hands and feet in a downward motion using the remainder of self-tan from the arms and legs.

  • Apply to stomach, chest, shoulders, back and arms.

  • Our Naked Palm Soap will instantly remove unwanted tan from your palms and cuticles.

  • When applying your tan, ensure you’re covered all over. Your tan will only appear patchy if you miss a spot, not if you double up.

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MR.BROWNE products offer simple steps to foolproof tanning.

If you wish to only apply Daily Bronzing Tint or Weekly Tanning Mousse to arms or legs be certain to self-tan a little higher than where your clothing finishes to allow for the fabric movement.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted Mr Browne Self Tanning Lotion & Naked Palm Soap. I liked it so I posted.

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