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Your Birth Month Flower

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by Deb Carr

As a child, I have such fond memories of growing up in the South Island of New Zealand. We had a house on a hill with about an acre of land. In Spring, the air would waft with blossom flowers from the plum and peach trees and the sweet, heavenly scent, of the Jonquil. To this day, the smell of the Jonquil makes me feel so happy and alive. I’ve always loved flowers, and in fact my very first job, when I left school was an apprentice florist. Sometimes I really regret I never pursued that career in floristry.

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It is easy, we choose what we want and who we want to send them to, and presto…’s all taken care of.

Flowers have always been the way to tell someone you love them, congratulations, condolences, get well, thank you and I care.

There is a flower for each month of the year, so I did some research to see which flower belongs to a particular month and what it represents.

JANUARY is the Carnation.

The Carnation is often worn on the gentleman’s lapel at a wedding or special function. The Carnation is a sweetly fragrant flower. They are also worn on St Patrick’s Day as long as they are green. White Carnations represent purity and pink Carnations for mothers. Carnations are often gifted on Mother’s Day.

FEBRUARY is the Violet.

The Violet represents wisdom, hope and faith. They strongly convey the meaning of truthfulness. Most people will think of the colour purple when they imagine a Violet, however they also come in white. In days gone by Violet was a popular girl’s name and in fact it was my grandmother’s. Some people claim to find the Violet intensely sweet smelling, and others, like myself, can’t smell them at all.

MARCH is the Daffodil.

Those happy bright Daffodils! The Daffodil represents Spring, rebirth and new beginnings. It also represents friendship, respect and domestic happiness.

APRIL is the Daisy.

The Daisy looks like a bright smiley face and comes in many colours. The Daisy represents love, purity and youth. The Daisy also represents innocence. A bright bunch of Daisies in the house will always lighten up the room.

MAY is the Lily-of-the-Valley.

Truly, one of my most loved flowers. The Lily-of-the-valley is a pretty woodland plant with arching stems carrying nodding white bells and found in woodlands. The Lily-of-the-valley represents sweetness, humility and chastity and a return to happiness. It’s a sweetly scented flower and not that common.

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JUNE is the Rose.

It goes without question that the Rose represents love, especially the red Rose. Red Roses symbolize passion, beauty and romance; whereas the white Rose is pure and innocent and often a sign of Remembrance.

JULY is the Larkspur.

This beautiful flower comes in gentle colours with a lovely fragrance. The Larkspur can represent a happy nature and love, especially with the colour purple. It was traditionally used as herbal medicine.

AUGUST is the Gladiolus.

The Gladiolus represents strength and moral integrity. It’s also used for Remembrance. It’s a long lasting flower that comes in numerous colours and stands tall and proud.

SEPTEMBER is the Aster.

The vibrant pretty Aster comes in a variety of beautiful colours including red, white, orange and various shades of pink and purple. They are often used in floral arrangements. The white flowers represent innocence, and new beginnings; ideal for a new birth, engagement or starting a new job.

OCTOBER is the Marigold.

These brightly coloured, and strong scented flowers, are resilient and easy to populate from the seeds. They represent warmth, elegance and devotion. They also can be given to someone to convey empathy. October is my birth month and I have propagated the seeds over and over, many times.

NOVEMBER is the Chrysanthemum.

We all know that Chrysanthemum bouquets are traditionally given on Mother’s Day and that is because they represent love, friendship, compassion and joy.

DECEMBER is the Poinsettia.

Often seen at Christmas time the Poinsettia represents good cheer and success. It comes in three colours white, pink and red. If given it can convey the message of ‘you are the only one’

So what is your Birth Flower and can you relate the meaning to yourself?

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