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How to calculate the selling price of your mobile phone

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What price should I sell my mobile

phone for?” Or have you thought it's not worth selling and just ditching it?

I recently became aware of a new tool on Gumtree; a price checker that lets sellers discover the average price to sell their phone. I really wish I knew about this service a few months ago when I was selling a mobile phone and had no idea what to ask for it, so I plucked a figure out of thin air and since looking at the price checker, I could have probably gotten a bit more if I had asked for it.

The price checker has come at a really good time for me because I am thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 6, however I still have some time on my contract and will need to pay the phone out, I just looked up what the iPhone 5s can fetch and I’m looking at an average price of $422.37. That would probaby cover my payout figure.

The price checker even has a sliding scale so if you want to sell your phone faster at a lower price you can calculate what to charge by using this tool. By using this tool I also discovered that there are 26,470 Apple iPhone 5s' for sale on Gumtree! WOW!

I then decided to check out what a used Apple iPhone 6 is selling for; the average price of a used Apple iPhone 6 Plus on Gumtree is $944.86 with 13,648 of them for sale on the site.

I also Googled “Sell My Phone” and a whole lot of sites came up that surprised me; I didn’t know such companies that buy phones existed. From what I could see they offer quite a bit less than the average phone selling on Gumtree so it might be worth trying to sell your phone yourself first to get the best price for it.

Tips for selling your phone:

  • Take really good photos after you have polished the phone up

  • Add the accessories in the photo so the buyer can see that the phone comes with the charger, case etc

  • Reset to Factory settings to clear your data

  • Share your advert all over your social media

To try the price checker yourself go to the hyperlink in the first sentence of this post.

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