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Parrot to release new mini drones in September

Today I had the chance to at a sneak preview at Parrot’s new mini drones. The launch was at the National School of Art in Sydney. I'm fascinated by drones and the technology involved, and was thrilled to get to play with one of the ground ones at this preview. Parrot had set up a pool and a racing track with obstacles. I finally did get the hang of driving one but not before running into people's feet and other obstacles along the track.

These ultra-technological miniature robots are piloted with a Smartphone or a tablet via the free piloting app FreeFlight 3.

In total there are 13 new drones separated into three clans being released in September, at what I consider to be very reasonably priced.

The ‘Jumping’ Night

These super rovers roll, rush, zigzag, take turns at 90° and jump up to 80cm in height and length! They can see, listen and talk for you, thanks to an embedded wide angle camera, microphone and speaker.

3 characters available: Diesel, Buzz and Marshall

  • 7km hour

  • Jump 80 cm

  • 20 minutes battery

  • $279.99

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The ‘Race’

Racing robots capable of travelling at 13km/h in bursts of intense speed!

3 characters available: Jett, Max and Tuk-Tuk

  • Jump to 75cm

  • 20 minutes batter

  • $289.

The ‘Airborne’

These experts in acrobatics are quadricopters capable of performing flips and rip through the air at 18km/h

3 characters available: SWAT, MacLane and Blaze

  • $149.99

  • 9 minutes flight time

The ‘Night’

Can fly by day and night thanks to two powerful controllable LEDs.

  • $199.99

  • 9 minutes flight time

  • LED lights

The ‘Cargo’

Are transport drones, capable of carrying figures or toy bricks.

2 characters available: Mars and Travis

  • $149.99

  • 18km/h

The ‘Hydrofoil’

These flying drones are attached to a hydrofoil boat, which glides on water and reach a speed of 5.4 knots (10km/h)

2 characters available: Orak & New Z

  • $239.99

  • Stays 6cm above surface water

  • 5.4 knots on water or 18km per hour as drone

  • 7minutes sailing time

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