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Creating a Paperless World : Jotscript for e-note taking

Photo Instagram to watch the 15 sec demo I made click here

I've been playing around with Jot Script from and once I got the hang of it, I started to waste too much time having fum! Seriously though, it takes a little getting used to, and once you do it's a great tool for note taking and using with iPad.

I downloaded the APP Penultimate to play around with and bought some great electronic "paper" to go with it, including a to do list. It's easy to change colours, pen styles and quick to erase mistakes.

It's easy to set up and didn't take me long to pair it with the App. One thing that I have really noticed lately that I'm finding it harder to write on paper because all I have do is type, using Jot Script also brought to my attention that I should probably get back my handwriting skills!

For those who need to take notes when reading documents on iPad etc I can see this as a very useful tool.

Jot Script 2 works for 20 hours or more between charges. USB charger included.

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted this pen

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