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One of the perks about being a blogger like me is I get to meet some really lovely people, and last week I was honoured to be able to attend a lunch that was being hosted and prepared by Marion Grasby and her mum.

Marion has had an amazing career including presenter, journalist, participating in Master Chef and of course creating her own range of cook-at-home products with Marion’s Kitchen. Read more.

From what I experienced on the day, I have to give a big thumbs up; and this is from a woman that rarely has anything spicier than a spring onion!

We were treated to some amazing dishes, cooked by the duo which were:

Red Curry – Roasted Pork Belly Bao – These went down like a treat, everyone was licking their lips after this tasty little starter. Pork was tender, melt in your mouth, and the buns were the softest I’ve ever had.

Thai Green Curry Kanon Jeem – A tasty, curry with Snapper Mousse Dumplings served with vegetables and herbs.

Duck Massaman – OMG this was something else. The Duck was so tender and the curry was creamy, tasty and not too hot for me.

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Marion’s range of authentic Thai products was created packed with awesome ingredients to taste like the family recipes that Marion grew up with. She launched Marion’s Kitchen range five years ago and now has evolved to ensure that the ingredients in each box are full of natural goodness and simple to prepare.

There are 12 products in all including Thai Massaman Curry, Singapore Laksa, Butter Chicken, Sri Lankan Curry, Korma Curry, Malaysian Curry, Pad Thai, Thai Red Curry, Thai Green Curry, San Choy Bow and Asian Spice Rubs – Balinese Lemongrass & Garlic and Malaysian Coconut and Chili.

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