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R U OK? If not head down to Bondi on Thursday for some love and support.

Photo: Paintings by Deb Carr's late brother Gary (Gaz) Doran

Every day we lose seven people to suicide. Personally, I have experienced this first hand with a family member, and more than once. One in four people suffer from a mental illness and so it is most likely to affect you in some way; there is probably someone you know who is suffering from this debilitating condition.

To help raise awareness of this problem the community are holding an early morning (6.30 a.m) meet at Bondi this Thursday 10th September with bulk coffee, high fives, fluro items of clothing and good vibes followed with a paddle out and writing LOVE in the water with their funky surf craft. It really all boils down to a bit of love and asking the question R U OK? Maybe that one question could save a life.

I wrote this post because one of my favourite Instagram mates @tradiefit dared to do a rap song on his timeline to get people along to this event and I had to say…brave….Andrew…brave…Andrew… and THANK YOU.

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