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Things to do in Sydney: Slide the City

We chatted to the organisers of Slide the City, 300 metre water slides in Centennial Park January 2016.

What’s Slide the City all about and where did the idea come from?

Slide the City was inspired by the childhood slip n slide. We’ve grown up and the slides have too.

The day is all about living every childhood dream where you wished the slide would never end and you got to play were you weren’t allowed, by partying in the streets. We fill the day with great food, music and memories with your friends and family with moments that will last forever.

How many people attend?

We limit the number of people on the day to make sure everyone gets a chance to get their slides in on the day, total people per day is under 3900

Our Ultimate Sliders get an exclusive 3 hour wave either in the morning or the evening to lap an unlimited amount of times.

How long are the slides?

The slide is a three lane slide with all 3 lanes over 300 meters with an additional massive splash down pool at the end.

How much water does it use?

We use between 34,000 - 75,000 litres on the day. But all water is recycled throughout the event as it circulates through our patented water distribution system. After the event we work with council to recycle the water by providing it for watering a park or back into the water system.

Here is a link to the water conservation and usage on the day -

How long does it take to climb the queue?

It varies by wave but in a standard wave you can easily complete your 3 slides. With the Ultimate sliders we have had people get upwards of 10 slides in the wave.

How long does it take to slide down?

Slide time varies on the type of slider you are, the sprinters get the massive running start with a great push and you slide down like a penguin on their belly, others go for the slow roll and decide to cruise like there on the lazy river. On average slide times last between 2 - 4 minutes.

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