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Intimo luxurious underwear that is comfortable and supportive

Intimo are known for luxurious underwear that is stylish, comfortable and supportive. One of the most popular selling bras is the convertible Contour bra which is comfortable and designed to give the perfect shape for those times you want to wear that special strapless dress. Especially handy this time of year with the Spring Carnival / Melbourne Cup racing season and Christmas parties. For $89.50 it's a great investment for the wardrobe. I actually have one of these bras and I love the quality, shape and especially the comfort.

We asked bra fitting expert, Catherine Stuart for some tips on fitting.

A few important tips on a well fitting bra is the most important thing it is its the foundation of every outfit you wear .

And 85% are wearing and ill fitting bra.

When you wearing a bra that fits perfectly you can actually take 3 kg off your whole shape… so why not take the time to have a a personal fitting and see how you could really look.

  1. A bra needs to fit smoothly across the breast no lines showing, and the straps of the bra feel comfortable and have support.

  2. The under wire should finish at the crease of your armpit not under your armpit. And sit comfortably flat against your body.

  3. The bridge of the bra is sitting flat in between your breasts.

For more information or where to order contact:

Catherine Stuart

Intimo Consultant/Business Builder

Email: Mobile: 0419 99 2009

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