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Need some excitement in your life? Try sharing an experience with Adrenalin.

I made a comment the other day on my personal Facebook page regarding a day I had spent last week doing:

This is what I wrote on my wall “Clearly I am insane doing this in my 50’s” and one of my friends replied “Clearly you are not insane.....just setting an excellent example for others to follow!” – in other words I was getting out and enjoying myself, and making the most of every minute no matter what my age.

Which brings me to this post. I was invited by Amelia Jones, one of the Directors of Adrenalin to join in the #ShareAdrenalin day with others who had won experiences for themselves and friends/family. People register for a chance to #Share an Experience with a friend or loved one, and they both go for FREE!

Adrenalin's 'Share an Experience' campaign is all about reconnecting in real life; taking a break from technology and inspiring a healthier and more active social life. Adrenalin want everyone to share in the thrill so they are giving away the opportunity to share in hundreds of FREE experiences across Australia during the month of November. There is still time to enter the month isn’t over yet!

I met some really great people on both the experiences I did including; the Chairperson of a well-known car dealership, an advertising executive, mums and their kids and groups of friends who all had some fun time out.

I am still chuckling about when I mentioned to Amelia that I was worried I couldn’t take my phone on the jet boat or Bridge Climb to take instagram photos, and her reply was.... “Deb, that’s the whole idea; it’s about forgetting technology and just living in the moment”.

The jet boat was a lot of fun, I admit I was a little nervous and wasn’t looking forward to getting drenched so I wore one of the big jackets. FYI I still got drenched! I think it did get my adrenalin going because those boats are fast, and when the skipper zoomed into the Opera House I was a little worried he wouldn’t stop in time. I needn’t have worried, he stopped all right by doing a massive turn that brought plenty of water on to us. So much for not getting soaked!

I have to say I loved the jet boat, it was fast, exciting and I laughed a lot.

After the jet boat it was time to climb that Sydney icon! There is quite a lot of preparation involved prior to the actual climb because safety first! You are breath tested prior to going on the bridge, so no drinking before please, save that for after! Our tour guide, Nick, was a hoot. I really enjoyed his humour. On this particular day it was in the 30’s so very hot, and by the time I had finished I admit, I was exhausted. It’s the second time I’ve climbed the bridge, the last time, many years ago was the twilight climb.

If you are a person scared of heights, I think challenging yourself to climb the bridge could help overcome that phobia! The thing to remember is that you are harnessed on rails, and safety is a very high priority, the organisers don’t take any chances.

Give it a go and share an experience with someone!

Photo above: A very exhausted Deb with Nick our tour guide after the climb.

Photo above: Fellow climbers and shout out to travel and lifestyle blogger, Raf Ruiz behind me.

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of Adrenalin

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