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Best Restaurants in Sydney: Kepos Street Kitchen

For those that love Mediterranean food with a Middle Eastern twist then Kepos Street Kitchen is a must visit!

Chef and owner Michael Rantissi grew up in Tel Aviv, watching his mum cook and feasting on the multi-cultural offerings of his neighbourhood. He did his professional training in Israel at Tadmor College and then studied at the EPI Academy in Paris, then the CIA (not the CIA, that’s the Culinary Institute of America) in New York. Michael’s meals are created by memories of his childhood meals with a strong Mediterranean influence.

I recently popped into the restaurant with some friends when we were filming a video and tasted some of the amazing food. The food is fresh, tasty and the coffee is good too!

sourdough, olive oil, hazelnut dukkah $8

tel aviv falafel, green tahini $12

homemade hummus, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil $12

cauliflower salad, wheat, mint, parsley, walnut, pistachio, cranberries $17

wood fired hot-smoked salmon salad, olives, kipflers, soft boiled egg, dukkah $19 Open breakfast and lunch

(Tuesday to Sunday) and dinner (Wednesday to Saturday, reservations for dinner only 6pm or 8.15pm)

This meal was independently paid for


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