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Things to do in Western Sydney: Visit the Skyline Drive In Blacktown

On a recent visit to the Atura Hotel Blacktown, Sydney Chic were given a little private tour of the Skyline Drive In. I remember years ago (many years ago), in my early twenties, the drive in was one of the favourite Friday or Saturday night fun things to do in Sydney.

The Skyline Drive In in Blacktown, has had a big refurbishment and it’s like being in a Happy Day’s episode! The colour scheme is awesome, the uniforms are great and it’s a family-friendly outing.

The photo below is one of the staff, Stephanie who kindly volunteered to model for the pic on Sydney Chic's Instagram.

Drive In’s are an awesome way to catch a film. Not only will you get to chill out with your shoes off (in your PJ’s if you wish), but you will also be treated to some seriously delicious dude food from the new ‘Happy Days’ style diner in the lot


All General Admission per feature/session:

1 Car with 1 person $11*

1 Car with 2 people $22*

1 Car with 3 people $33*

1 Car with 4 people $44*

1 Car with 5 people $55*

1 Car with 6 people $66*

Located on Cricketers Arms Road, Blacktown


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