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Ingogo App Will Make Grabbing A Sydney Taxi Much Easier

I was in a cab recently and the driver told me about a new app that makes taxi travel much easier.

One thing that I find really frustrating with catching cabs is they often don't turn up. Well that can change now by downloading an app - in fact in you use this promo code S181H - you can get a $20 credit when you download the app. Please refer to the Ingogo website terms though for full details and conditions.

Here's what I like about this app:

  • You can book a taxi up to 48 hours in advance

  • When hailing a taxi on the app it gives you an average wait time

  • There are thousands of ingogo drivers across the country

  • Similar to Uber, you can watch the taxi approach on the app

  • Prices don't get hiked up in peak times - YES!!!!

  • You can pay on the app via credit card or pay cash to the driver

  • Here's a winner - Ingogo have a pick up guarantee policy and give you a $10 credit to your account if a driver does not show for an accepted booking

Sounds pretty good to me and I'll be trying it next time I need a cab.

Go to website or App store or Google to download.

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