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Five things mum could do in Sydney if she won the Superdraw.

How often do you daydream about winning the Superdraw? I confess I do it all the time, I dream about buying the mansion in Darling Point, having a country retreat near Forster, and driving a brand new Porsche around town. Actually I might only use the Porsche to visit the country retreat, and drive the new Audi around Sydney for errands. Then again, I’ll probably just use hire cars, because that’s much less stress than driving myself!

Dream on Deb, but if I did win such a large amount of money for Mother's Day this is what I would do…… (go here if you want a ticket in the superdraw).


When I say take the whole tribe I mean cousins, aunties, uncles, and friends, because there is plenty of room at Q Station! Since mum is now super wealthy she can easily afford to book the whole place out for a weekend.

I love Q Station; it’s set in the most amazing spot with Harbour views, abundance of nature and so much Sydney history to learn about.

When I stayed there I also did a ghost tour, which was a little creepy, and after the tour I then went back to my cabin, alone! Boo! I'm pleased to tell you I didn't get haunted by a ghost in my cabin, but something strange did happen the next morning at breakfast which freaked me out.

The Boilerhouse Restaurant at Q Station really is sensational! I have been a few times and the last time was when I stayed at Q Station for the weekend. On this particular night, a possum was the star attraction, sitting on the historic sandstone wall, hoping that someone would share their food. The menu is always interesting and I have written a couple of reviews about the restaurant on this blog.


Imagine being able to afford to shout your ‘besties’ and relatives a climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge? I’ve done it a couple of times now and the effort is well worth it. My first climb was at twilight when Bridge Climb first opened and I was a lot fitter! The second time was last year when I was less fit on a sweltering Sydney summer’s day. Some people get nervous about climbing the Bridge but believe me there is nothing scary about it; you are safely harnessed to the rail and put through some training before actually doing the climb. The view from the top is sensational.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is another one of those memorable things that you could possibly afford to do on your own, but winning a ton of money and taking a whole lot of your mates up with you would be awesome.


You don’t actually have to win the lottery to do this, it’s not that expensive, however the experience is fantastic and makes a priceless memory. Well it is for me. Some moments in life are really special and flying over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in a helicopter is sensational.

Going on a helicopter flight for the first time was a little daunting for me, but I will never forget this experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

I guess if mum won the Superdraw maybe she could buy her own helicopter, and employ a pilot!


When I was young, the Drive In at Prospect was a frequent hangout. How times have changed!

For those of us that crave the good old days, and those of you who are too young to know what life was like before Netflix, try the Drive In for something different.

Now that Mum is filthy rich, she could also shout the tribe a weekend at Atura Hotel, which is a very funky, and fun place to stay; right next to the Drive In. The hotel can arrange for mum to be driven to the Drive In as a passenger in the Caddy!

One of the highlights of my weekend at Atura was dinner at the Cricketer’s Arms Hotel! My family live in the country and this hotel has a real country vibe about it just like when I visit up the mid North Coast NSW. Who would have ever have known that such an amazing place is one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets?


Photos Credit: Makepeace Island

Now I know I said this was about 'things to do in Sydney' but this last recommendation is actually about leaving Sydney!

I recently posted about a competition to win two nights on Makepeace Island where Richard Branson hangs out when he’s in this part of the world. Well he does own it so rightly so!

The home is a sanctuary of seclusion near Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and can host up to 20 people. Makepeace Island offers a unique fusion of luxury, Australian wilderness and authentic Balinese design creating an idyllic place to escape to unwind.

These are some of the things mum could do in Sydney if you bought her a winning ticket in the Superdraw for Mother’s Day. Hmmm….. I hope my two daughter's are taking notice of this post and buy me a ticket. This will prove if they actually read what I write! In the meantime I’ll just keep on daydreaming.

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