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Beauty Review: Cactus Skincare - Organic and Natural

As a blogger I receive a number of beauty items to review, and sometimes you come across a product that you know you will continue to use even after you have run out. One such product for me is Cactus Skincare. I know, an unusual name, but I have to say it's won me over! The name by the way refers to how cactus stay hydrated in harsh environments, and we here in Australia have one of the harshest environments in the world, so you get the drift!

I'm in my 50's so I like products that are natural, organic and actually nourish my skin. It's been a few weeks now and I have religiously followed my morning and night routine and I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. I'll point out here, I was blessed with pretty good skin (so I've been told most of my life), but of course my skin has aged...that's part of life! I wish I could say 'Abracadabra my skin has reverted back to when I was young', but that hasn't happened. What I can say is that since I've been using Cactus Skin Care I feel my skin is thicker (if that makes sense); it's almost like it's plumped out! I don't make these claims lightly either, you can read my Disclaimer about what I post about and why.

The products feel luxurious, and they smell sensational. I'm using the Dry Skin Pack which is is a full regimen with everything Dry skin needs to regulate oils, reduce redness and promote even toned skin.

Lemon Myrtle Cleanser - $55

Nature's Anti-Oxidant Creme - $60

Intense Hydrating Creme $60

White Clay Mask - $60

This pack is bundled at $160 at time of writing.

The products are Australian owned and made (big tick), use natural and organic ingredients (another big tick).

Here's a pic I just posted on Instagram, without any foundation or powder - FYI I'm in my 50's.


Disclaimer: I was gifted these products, my views are an authentic genuine opinion - my opinion can't be bought.

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