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Where to Eat Middle Eastern Food in Sydney: Try Cafe Mint Surry Hills

Glen and I had the opportunity to meet for lunch at Cafe Mint in Surry Hills last week, which was a great opportunity for us to chat about Sydney Chic and enjoy some fabulous Middle Eastern Food!

The restaurant caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a great menu. It was difficult to choose from to be honest, however we finally opted for a few dishes and a glass of wine.

I started with Moroccan Mint Tea: This is made with tea, mint leaves and sugar and I really enjoyed this fresh start. The cafe isn't named Cafe Mint just for fun, there are a number of dishes and drinks that are flavoured with this awesome herb.

Mezze Plate $17.90

Three house made dips served with crisp hot bread & olives (fresh cut vegetables gluten free option). I can never resist a plate of good home made dips and pitta bread. The three of these dips (hummus, baba ganouj and muhammara) were full of taste, and if I had been dining alone, I'd probably settle for the Mezze Plate. The olives were fresh and various sizes.

Lamb Kefta Tagine $20.50

Lamb & Pistachio meatballs with tomato & olives on couscous with yoghurt and herbs. I'm pretty sure this is one of the most popular dishes, and I'm not surprised! The combination of the lamb and pistachio goes well and I loved the the extra tough of yoghurt and herbs.

Roasted chicken (gf) – $26.50 Marinated with Persian dried limes & harissa, served on mejadarra (saffron rice pilaf with lentils & currants). I have a thing about currants in cooking, I think they can add a lot of interesting flavour. This dish was no exception. A perfect combination and just right to have for a lunch on a beautiful Sydney Autumn day.

Beetroot Salad $16.50

With fennel, spinach leaves and crumbled feta. I think this is one of the healthiest and tastiest salads around. The fennel added a nice touch to this delightful salad. The salad is large enough to have just on its own, in fact all the dishes are very generous servings.

This is a fabulous casual dining restaurant for those who love Middle Eastern Food.

The restaurant is licensed for those who enjoy a glass of wine with lunch or dinner. It has a nice vibe and there is some seating outside for those who like to sip their latte or enjoy their lunch as the world goes by.

For more information and full menu


Sydney Chic dined as guests of Cafe Mint please read our full DISCLAIMER.

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