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Ten Way Necklace - Ten Different Looks From one Purchase

The Ten Way Necklace by Maria Nicola is one of the most versatile and useful items I own. As the name describes, the necklace can be worn in ten different ways including as a bracelet. The other love factor I have for this jewellery item is that it all locks together via magnets, so no more fumbling around with clasps, that are sometimes so small and fiddly it can be extremely frustrating.

This gorgeous necklace is designed so you can easily change your look from office to evening. The necklace is made with beautiful crystals, and for someone like myself, who doesn't wear a lot of jewellery, I'm finding this little beauty to be a valuable accessory. The photos above are different combinations that I put together.

I personally know Maria and she puts a lot of love and thought into her jewellery.....and it shows.

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