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Affiliate Disclosure. Some posts on this website are affiliate links. This means a small commission is paid to Sydney Chic, however this does not incur any extra costs to the purchasers, and in some cases, may even offer discounts. This helps fund this website as we do not have any pop-up advertising or annoying lightboxes.

Sydney Chic Pleased to Collaborate with Roam Resorts & Hotels

Siam@siam Bangkok

Siam@Siam Bangkok

I am thrilled to announce that Sydney Chic will be bringing more travel stories due to a collaboration with Roam Resorts & Hotels. Roam Resorts & Hotels brings you a curated selection of independent, boutique resorts and hotels from all over the world, so for those who prefer to stay in a more boutique style hotel or resort, Roam is the website to visit.


Roam Resorts & Hotels market hotels in Australia and Asia and unlike Online Travel Agents (OTA's) they do not take a commission on bookings and do not take bookings on their website. The website was founded by Greg Parkes, an ex-hotelier himself. As an ex Hotelier Greg was concerned about the rise and overly influential status of the large Online Travel Agents. Greg says "Hotel’s are loosing their ability to run their own business to the extent of OTA’s hijacking the hotel’s own brand on Google".

Siam@Siam Pattaya

Roam, in a small way, is at the leading edge to push independent hotel channels. Roam via emotive imagery, blogs, travel writers, promotions and collaboration with leading bloggers in various fields, interacts with consumers developing a brands desirable attributes and making room rate a secondary decision point. Roam delivers increased awareness of small independent brands, by promoting not only the hotel but also regions and places, so the hotels don’t get lost in the sea of OTA’s. Roam encourages consumers directly to the hotels web site where they can book a room commission free and have a direct relationship with the hotel - a win/win situation.

Adge Hotel Surry HIlls

Adge Hotel Surry Hills, Sydney

Stay tuned for special deals for Sydney Chic readers, and latest news on the most fab boutique hotels and Resorts in Australasia.

Siam@Siam Pattaya

I'm off to Thailand in October to stay at Siam@Siam in Bangkok and Siam@Siam in Pattaya to do a post on the hotel chain and the amazing things to do in Thailand. Already my itinerary is full with some amazing experiences that I will be enjoying. I personally, prefer boutique style establishments.

Siam@Siam Thailand

Siam@Siam Pattaya

If visiting Sydney check out the Cambridge Hotel and Adge.

To keep up to date bookmark our Travel Guide.

Cambridge Hotel Sydney

Cambridge Hotel Sydney

Siam@Siam Bangkok

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