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Things to do in Sydney: Visit the Calyx and Step into a World of Chocolate

It's been on my list of things to do in Sydney for a while now and that is to visit The Calyx in the Royal Botanical Gardens. I practically live in the Botanical Gardens, it's my place of tranquility and escape and makes me feel happy. The Calyx has its first exhibition open and it is called "Sweet Addiction" which takes you through a chocolate experience like no other. Forget the tour of the chocolate factory; this is a living breathing chocolate oasis.

The Calyx is a world-class horticultural experience and this exhibition is simply.....stunning! So many beautiful plants and gorgeous butterflies, birds and bees....well they are not real but they do hang off the roof.

As you walk through this amazing 'living room' you will discover the history of chocolate from the depths of a South American rainforest. Inside you will see the exquisite interior green wall – the southern hemisphere’s largest contiguous green wall complete with over 18,000 plants!

As well as plants you will also see jars of goodies that make "sweet addictions".

Sweet Addiction is designed as a self-guided 45 minute experience.

More information: The Calyx

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