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Dami Im Star Attraction on Ovation of the Seas Maiden Voyage to Sydney

ovation of the seas

Well it's not every day a girl gets this close to an Australian superstar on a billion dollar ship. I was very fortunate to be invited on board the Ovation of the Seas for a 'famil tour' of this magnificent vessel. Now this isn't your everyday cruise liner because with 18 decks, 16 lifts, and a length of 347m-long, Ovation of the Seas is a 169,000 tonne cruising wonderland.

The ship has it all for entertainment; fake surf break, indoor skydiving, roller skating, dodgem cars, and a glass viewing capsule that brave guests can be lifted 90m above the sea for the best views. Ovation of the Seas can accomodate nearly 5,000 and has 1,500 crew.

ovation of the seas

When it comes to technology this beauty has it all sewn up. I witnessed some very impressive technology in the TWO70 lounge with expansive ocean views by day, astonishing video projection, robotics and human artistry. Plus the ship has the fasted internet at sea.

ovation of the seas sydney

There's no shortage of places to eat with 18 different dining options including Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. The food that I sampled was amazing, and I even got to chat to Renato, the chef who created beautiful chocolate sculptures.

ovation of the seas

On our Famil tour my partner in crime, Jenny, from See Taste Do, and I got lost, because we kept stopping to take photos. It was a little daunting for a while however we managed to find out tour guide and were quickly ushered downstairs to the VIP party in TWO70! I don't think we were trusted after that.

What else do you do when you are lost on a ship this size? Take photos of yourself of course! Thanks Jen for the pic in the rain.

deb carr sydney chic

Now back to the party. Hosted by Richard Wilkins, we had an amazing time drinking Veuve Clicquot, cocktails and sampling gourmet food. I've already mentioned Dami IM was the star attraction and boy can she belt out a tune!

I think having a sail on Ovation of the Seas has just been added to my bucket list.

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