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How I Saved My Sanity & Money Christmas Shopping on Gumtree

When it comes to Christmas I'm really not in to it, I think it's nothing but a hassle and a very stressful time. This doesn't sit very well with my daughter's I must say and often tell me I'm the Christmas Grinch. Actually, when I think about it, I really don't enjoy shopping for anything; not even clothes so I opt to do it online when I can.

Since I had left Christmas shopping to the very last gasp as I always do, I jumped onto Gumtree last week to see if I could find some bargains for the major presents. I certainly did find bargains plus I had some of my gifts delivered straight to the doors of my family members who live in the country. I bought mostly new items that I found for example Bose headphones brand new in the package and urBeats rose gold headphones also brand new in the package from the electronics section. I bought new hammock chairs for some of the family and an air purifier for another.

For my elder daughter I bought her a used 7 piece dining table in fantastic condition which she is picking up today. She lives in the country so I shopped in her area and transferred the money for her to pay the seller.

I also found two pairs of designer sunglasses in fantastic condition for $60 each.

I calculated that if I had paid full price for all my purchases it would have been $2300 whereas I spent $700. Because I was trying to find presents to get shipped straight to different parts of NSW it did take me a little while to do it, but hey, I've done all my Christmas shopping now. Sure they aren't all getting pretty wrapped gifts, however I warned them all the gifts were on the way; and everyone in my family knows that I'm not thrilled about Christmas so they are used to me!

I picked up two purchases from different people in the city and I arranged for one of the presents to be sent to me by paying for the postage.

So I'm pretty pleased with myself this year; I've finished Christmas shopping quickly and effortlessly and saved a fortune.

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